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Banch Club started several years ago, when two young students started to meet late at night, on a bench, to discuss life, philosophy, morality, and who's ass was nicer: Jade or Roxanne's.

Since then the number of members swelled to a massive three. Copious ammounts of coffee were consumed, and the question "How much coffee is too much coffee?" was a frequent topic of discussion.

Then all three went of to University (propper university's, to do propper degrees) and one of them got bored and started a LJ community. I bet you didn't see that coming.

So now, perhaps, we will meet online because it allows great distances to be spanned (and our nipples won't go hard in the cold. Past topic: "Is cold weather called nippy because of it's effect on the nipples?") and a larger audience can be included. Also, some dirty chav destroyed the cool bench. It was made out of a big tree trunk, and overlooked the matrix tree...

So anyway, join if you feel like discussing anything interesting. Deep stuff like philosophy, morality, politics, or we welcome film reviews (of good films. Not batman. Think donnie darko, american beauty, and sin city) and stuff like that. Feel free to advertise you're community if you think we might be interested.


1: No predudice. People have the right to thier own beliefs / moralitys / oppinions / sexualitits and so on. The only people we allow fun to be made of are chavs.

2: Golden rule: NO ALCOHOL AT BENCH CLUB. Sounds stupid I know, we all like getting so drunk our eyes bleed, but we tried it once and it led to... bad things happening. I can't talk about it. But we were definatly very drunk and regretted it deeply. Although I don't know how much *someone* regretted it, seeing as they did it twice.